Being resilient means that you are able to bounce back if something happens that makes you feel bad or not good enough. It means you have developed strength and courage. You are certainly a mighty warrior and you enjoy the challenge of coming back again to do something better.  It also means you are not afraid to ask for help if you need it.

Here is an example of someone being resilient.

So lets say you are on a team and everyone is practising their skills. You feel you do not need to practice or might feel too lazy to practice.  On the day of the match everyone on the team does well except you. Because you did not go to training you are not familiar with what the others are doing. You shoot for goal yourself instead of passing and you put the ball wide several times. Your team mates are asking you to pass but you want to score yourself.  Your team looses the match and you are all very disappointed.

The coach drops you from the team for the next match and you feel devastated. But you know yourself that you did not do your best, you did not turn up for training and you did not play like a team player. You decide to yourself you are going to be resilient and bounce back. You set a challenge for yourself and make sure that you go to training each time it is on. You do extra training yourself. You ask the coach for advice on a certain skill that you are not too sure about. You know that he is happy that you asked him and he knows now that you are making an effort.

You turn up to support your team at the next match even though you are not playing. You cheer them on and offer them support. With 10 minutes to go the coach asks you to come on as a sub. You score a goal and feel like you are really part of the team again.

You have been resilient and have set a challenge and done very well. You asked for help and proved to yourself and others that you could do what you set your mind to do. Well done!!!

You can learn to use tapping to help you be more resilient.

You can print off a picture of the tapping points here or watch a You Tube video showing you where the points are by clicking here.

You can pick any one of these lines below to say when you are tapping or you can make up your own things to say;

Even though I find it hard to see how life is good right now, I accept myself the way I am.

Even though I do not like the way things are right now I accept that I am a great kid.

Even though I do not like the way things are right now I am willing to accept that things could get better if I look at them differently.

I can challenge myself to bounce back from this even though it feels bad right now.

I know I can bounce back.  I have the courage to do this.