Niamh and The Journey to Baba Yaga



A journey of courage for Niamh who suffers from dyslexia.  For years Niamh is too embarrassed to tell anyone about her reading difficulties as she thought she would not be accepted by others.

She is a very talented fairy and every year wins the lead part in the school play.   Each year the school play was based on a famous book so Niamh would ask mother to buy the book for her and she would have her mother read it to her every night.  This way Niamh was able to memorise the whole book!!!!  She was a very talented girl.

However this year the play was from a book that was not yet in print!!!!  What would Niamh do? She realised she had a choice; would she ask for help for her reading difficulties or would she give up acting?

With the help of her friend Lorcan, Nimah finds the courage to go on a journey.   She has many obstacles and fears to get over, but her courage allows her to follow her heart’s desire of acting.

This books helps children to realise no matter what is going on in our lives we can gain courage and resilience to help us on our way.

Niamh Image for Book