Lorcan and the Magic Whistle/Lorcán agus an Fheadóg Draíochta



Lorcan and the Magic Whistle/Lorcán agus an fheadóg draíochta is a bilingual mythological children’s story book.   It tells the tale of a fairy called Lorcan who is being teased in the school yard because he is told he cannot play football.   With the help of Unicorn and Fairy Godmother Lorcan follows his heart’s desire and realises his true talent which is playing music.   He learns a fundamental psychological lesson about listening to his own emotions and not relying on the judgments of others. There is a lesson in the book for anyone who has suffered bullying or isolation

The book is linked to the Mythic Fairy web site www.themythicfairy.com which gives children valuable lessons and tools on how to best deal with their emotions.

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