Learning from Your Dreams

Here is a real dream from an eight year old boy and what he learned from it.

Last night I had a dream that really scared me. I was fighting in a war, it was a real battle between two countries and I was in it!

I felt really scared so I went under a table to hide. Everyone else who was in my army ran away. I don’t know what happened to them after they ran away I was too scared to look and see.

So I went to the Castle of Dreams in the City of Illumination (go to my Home page for details on the City of Illumination) to find out what the dream meant.

The Fairy in Charge of The Castle of Dreams is called Vivienne after the Lady of the Lake in the story of Avalon. Vivienne is truly wonderful at helping us look at our dreams and finding out the meaning behind them.

So I took my dream to her and she asked me what the two fighting countries meant to me. I told her that my army were good of course and that the other army were the bad ones coming after us and that they were angry. She asked me if there was something I was angry about and I remembered that I was angry by the way another boy was treating me at school. He kept trying to make me feel bad, he just kept pushing my angry buttons and it was making me real cross. She then asked me how I dealt with this feeling I had?

She asked me did I answer him back or did I hide under the table as in my dreams. I immediately started to laugh as now I realised that I did hide from what he was saying, I didn’t say anything back to him I just let his words get stuck in my head and it was making me feel bad and I was starting to get headaches and pains in my tummy. Vivienne told me that this headache might be caused by the fact that I was bottling up my emotions.

She told me to change my thoughts about the situation first before I reacted to the boy. She told me to think things like I am just as good as you, and I am not going to let myself get upset when you say bad things to me. I know what you are saying about me is not true and I am just not going to let you make me sick.  She told me to change my thoughts and emotions and to come back to her and let her know how I get on.

I am certainly going to give this a try because I don’t like fighting with people, and I dont want to get into trouble at school for fighting. So next time you have a dream try figure out what part of you each part of the dream represents, dreams are usually trying to tell us something important to help us in the way we live our life. Good luck with it and let me know if you figure out any of your dreams. I will let you know how I get on too!