It can sometimes feel really hard to forgive someone if you feel they have hurt your feelings in some way. Have you ever blamed your brother or sister for stealing something and then you find it under your bed?!!!  We all make mistakes and when you find that you have said or done something wrong it is always good to say sorry.

Maybe a friend is mean to you because they want to get in with the cool guys or girls.  That can be hard to deal with.

Sometimes when people are very busy or very tired or very sad they may say something to you that makes you feel angry or sad. If that person then says sorry to you, you might find it hard to forgive them.

If someone has hurt your feelings it is important to let that person know. You can say I want you to know that what you did hurt my feelings and it made me very sad. By saying this you are standing in your power and letting your feelings be known. You are being very brave!

You can learn how to do something called tapping. Take a look at the picture of the teddy and the picture of the alien. See which one you prefer. They are showing you where you can tap.

You can go here and see Conal using tapping to get rid of his fear of getting sick in the car!!!

You can always change the words and say something like this.

Even though I am angry with my friend for what he/she said I am a great kid.

Even though I know why they did it I feel angry.

But I am going to choose to forgive them.

I am a great kid no matter what they said about me.

I know I am being very brave forgiving them.

I am a very strong person.

Happy tapping!