Fear is an emotion that everybody has at some time or another.

Sometimes you can feel fear when you think you are in danger. For example if you know you are afraid of dogs and you see a dog you can feel the fear in your body. Sometimes you are so fearful that you cannot move, sometimes you scream or sometimes you hide.

If you have a really big fear about something there is usually a reason for it. Maybe someone told you that a dog would bite you or you heard someone else saying that they didn’t like dogs and so you thought there was something bad about dogs.

Some fear is good for you as it stops you doing things that might cause you to hurt yourself. For example if you are out cycling and you notice the traffic lights are not working at a busy roundabout. You might be frightened of cycling through this roundabout and decide to get off your bike and walk through it instead.

It is also good to have a healthy fear of dogs, not all dogs are friendly or want to be rubbed. For example dogs like humans can have different personalities, some are just friendlier than others and you need to be careful.

It is ok to feel fear you just don’t want to put it in a suitcase in your body and close the lid. You want to feel fear and figure out what to do with it.

You can learn how to do something called tapping. Take a look at the picture of the teddy and the picture of the alien. See which one you prefer. They are showing you where you can tap.

You can go here and see Conal using tapping to get rid of his fear of getting sick in the car!!!

You can always change the words and say something like this.

Even though I am very frightened I am a great kid.

Even though I don’t really know why I am so frightened I am a great kid.

Even though I know that the spider/dog will not do anything wrong to me, I accept myself the way I am and I am a great kid.

Even though this fear is huge and I don’t know what to do with it, I am a great kid.

Happy tapping