At times it is easy to feel you would like to be someone else if you think that person has something that you would like to have like a great singing voice, or you feel they have nicer clothes than you or maybe you think they are better at sport than you are. It is natural to feel this emotion at times you just have to be careful about how you use it. It is easy to be mean to the person you are envious of and allow jealousy to take over.

It is not good to hold onto this feeling of envy. It can be hard but with practice you can learn how to let go of it and instead tell the person how good they are. Chances are you are better at something else than them. Always try to look for something that is positive and makes you feel good. None of us are good at everything, we all have our own talents and skills and it is much better to stay away from the demon of envy. It can take away your energy and make you feel bad about yourself. There is no reason to feel bad about yourself. You are just great the way you are!

You can tap on your feelings of envy.

You can print off a picture of the tapping points here or watch a You Tube video showing you where the points are by clicking here.

You can pick any one of these lines below to say when you are tapping or you can make up your own things to say;

Even though I feel so envious of her for being able to dance like that, I know that I am a great kid too.

Even though I feel so envious because he always scores goals and I never score any, I know I am a great kid and I am good at lots of other things.

I am not going to let myself get jealous about what someone else has, I can see that they are good at what they do, and I know that I am good at what I do. It is all fair and I am a great kid.

I allow my feelings of envy to go away.

I accept myself the way I am.