The Emotion Tree


Our Emotions


It is always ok to feel emotions what we want to make sure is that we do not feel too sad or too happy. We want to feel the emotions and them let them out of our body before they get stuck. Stuck emotions especially the ones that make us feel bad like anger can cause us to become out of balance and we may start to feel tired, or have low self esteem.

When you let go of an emotion like anger, especially if someone has done something to you that may not have been very nice, it does not mean that you think the person was correct in what they said. It just means that you have the courage to feel the emotion but then move on from it. Maybe you will be able to tell the person who did something wrong to you that you would prefer if they did not do that to you again. Or maybe you will tell someone else. It means you are a very strong person if you can deal with your emotions in this way.

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