EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

How to tap and a sample of what to say if you are feeling angry.

You can use EFT or tapping to get rid of any problem you have that is causing your emotions to be out of balance. If you are feeling very angry for example or very sad.

Tapping means literally tapping with your finger, like you would tap on a table.  You should do it not too hard and not too soft, just lightly.

Tap on the points that are mentioned on the chart above and say something like. Start at the top and follow on down through all of the points on the chart.

“Even though I feel very angry now, I am a great kid

Even though I feel like I will explode I am so angry it is ok.
I feel so angry.
This angry feeling is making me so cross.
This angry feeling,
I feel so angry.
I feel the anger in my _____ stomach, head, heart pick where in your body you feel the anger.
This anger.
This anger in my _______ stomach, head, heart.
I am going to let this angry feeling out.
It does not mean that I am weak.
I just want to let the anger out.
I choose now to let it out.
I am a great kid.
I deserve to feel good”.

You can change the words yourself to suit how you are feeling too. Just tap and say the line above and move on to the next point when you have finished saying the line. It does not matter how many times you tap on a particular point.

You can also do a second and third round if you like, keep tapping until you feel like the anger is gone.

You can also use this for any emotion you are feeling, sad, lonely, anxious, frustrated etc.

EFT-kids-teddy-diagram-pink-print EFT-kids-diagram-alien-print

Where Are The Tapping Points

  1. Top Of The Head – The highest point on the top of your head.
  2. Third Eye Point – In the centre of your forehead between your two eyes.
  3. Start Of The Eyebrow – Where you can feel the hair on your eyebrow start beside the top of your nose.
  4. Corner Of The Eye – Just beside your eye on the bone
  5. Under The Eye – On the bone just below your eye, in line with your pupil if you look straight ahead.
  6. Under The Nose – Between you nose and your upper lip
  7. Under The Mouth – In the middle of your chin
  8. Under The Collarbone – You know the way Tarzan thumbs his chest, right there in the centre of your chest!
  9. Thumb – all finger points are on the side of the finger, in line with the nail bed.
  10. Index Finger
  11. Middle Finger
  12. Ring Finger
  13. Little Finger
  14. Karate Chop Point – on the side of your hand, like if you were the Karate Kid trying to break a block of wood.