You can become angry when you feel someone has done something wrong to you. You may feel like everyone is laughing at you or you may feel like things are not fair.

Anger is an emotion that can turn into rage if you do not deal with it. If you keep getting angry about the same things you may want to start writing down what is making you angry.

You can answer the following questions to help you;

What was I doing at the time when I felt angry?

Who was with me?

How did I feel?

Where did I feel the anger e.g. in my stomach, head, heart?

You can see from answering these questions where your feelings of anger are coming from and maybe you can avoid doing certain things and being with certain people who make you angry.

Sometimes when you feel angry you can react by hitting someone or shouting at someone. This usually does not make you feel any better.

If you can find the cause of the anger and have a think about it, it can help. You may realise you always act the same way when you are with a certain person. Don’t forget you always have choices in how you deal with things. You can change any time you want to.

When someone says something to you and you get angry you can ask yourself;

Is what they said true?You might not want what the person said to you to be true so you lash out at them because of that.

You do have a choice though and you can make a decision to not react.

For example if you don’t like the shape of your nose and someone tells you You have a big nose.

Try and make a joke about it and say something like

All the better for smelling you with or think about a part of your body that you like. Notice the colour of your eyes or the way your lips curl when you smile.  Think about something that makes you  feel good.

You are a wonderful person just the way you are!

You can learn how to do something called tapping. Take a look at the picture of the teddy and the picture of the alien. See which one you prefer.  They are showing you where you can tap.

You can go here and see Conal using tapping to get rid of his fear of getting sick in the car!!!

You can always change the words and say something like this.

Even though I feel so angry with my friend I am a great kid.

Even though when he calls me names I get so angry I am a great kid.

Even though I can feel the anger in my tummy I am a great kid.

Even though I feel like my head is going to explode I am a great kid.

I choose to let my anger cool down.

I am a great kid.

I know I belong where I am.

You can repeat any of these lines or you can make up your own words to say.