City of Illumination




Wecome to the City of Illumination.You can use this much like an ordinary map.   Pretend you are standing at the “You Are Here” sign.   Where do you need to go to get help?  You have choices depending on what problem you are facing.Sometimes you may not even know which emotion you are dealing with or sometimes there are several emotions all mixed up in your head and you might feel your stomach is in knots or your head hurts.  It could feel like your head is swimming in a sea of fog.If this is the case you can pop over to the buiding on the left called “Figuring Out Emotions” and get help there.Maybe you need to use one of the tools you can learn here like “EFT” (Emotional Freedom Technique).  You can take a moment and visit the blue building by clicking here.

Meditation or calming the mind or emptying the mind of all thoughts is a great way to get rid of any fog from your head.  You can become clearer about something when your head is not spinning with lots of different thoughts.   You give yourself the “head space” to figure out which building you need to go to, or you may solve the problem when you clear your head!!

Sometimes we need to literally take “time out” and exercise our body.  If so there is a playing pitch here so why not go and do some exercise … fresh air makes up feel better naturally.  Getting into nature by going for a walk is a wonderful way to clear your mind.

If you live in an apartment or have no access to nature you can always draw a picture of something from nature, it doesn’t matter what the picture looks like or draw some animals that you love.   Or close your eyes and imagine a beautiful place, any place that is beautiful to you.

The Castle of Dreams has lots of different rooms, each having tips for helping you on your hero’s or heorine’s journey. Sometimes our dreams give us clues as to what choices to make.   Check out a blog I wrote about this by clicking here.You can go back and forth from one building to another until you finally find the answer you are looking for.  It’s all part of the journey of life.

Enjoy your visit to the City of Illumination.